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Einlieferung/Verkauf mit CGB Numismatique Paris

Wie kann man Münzen oder Banknoten verkaufen?

Have you made up your mind? Are you ready to sell and let go of your collection or the one that belonged to your great-uncle or great-grandmother? Then let us guide you and assist you. CGB Numismatics Paris is a team of more than 20 experts based in Paris at Rue Vivienne since 1988. We specialize in the sale of collectable coins, medals, jetons, tokens, and banknotes from all historical periods and geographic areas. To find out more about us and our background, click on the following link:

Who are we?

Sellers usually have multiple reasons to sell: to focus a universal collection on a more specific topic; to sell duplicate coins in order to finance future purchases and thereby keep their collection alive, to sell a full collection and leave behind a long-lasting written record in a reference catalog, to sell average condition coins or banknotes in order to buy a higher quality specimen or - in over half of the cases - to sell a collection inherited or found among family belongings.

Two options are offered to you: you may go either for a direct sale or consignment. For sales, the valuation of your coins, medals, tokens and banknotes is determined based on our stock and your coins’ interest, quality and specificity. As far as complete sets, treasures and fortuitous discoveries are concerned, these are dealt with separately. For treasure troves, please visit our dedicated webpage at http://www.cgb.fr/tresors.html

How to make an appointment

Would you like to consign/sell numismatic material? Nothing could be simpler. Just contact one of our numismatists:

    • by email (contact@cgb.fr) - please attach a sample of your coins, jetons, tokens, banknotes, etc., as well as a few representative pictures/scans of your collection.

    • by mail contact@cgb.fr to arrange for an appointment. We strongly recommend that you make an appointment with the numismatist(s) in charge of your collecting period before showing up at our shop in Paris (at 36 rue Vivienne, in the 2nd  arrondissement).

    • by coming to meet us at numismatic shows and/or conventions in which CGB Numismatique Paris’ experts take part. The full list of these events is available at: http://www.cgb.fr/salons_numismatiques.htm

In a few specific cases, we may visit private or professional customers directly in order to examine the collection(s) to be put up for sale.

Our departments

CGB Numismatics CEO
Coins auctions management
French royal coins (Carolingian, feudal and royal coins)
French modern coins
Customer Service - Communication
Former French colonies and world coins - Bookstore
French and world banknotes
French and world banknotes
Banknotes auctions management



Selling shall be the preferred option in the following contexts:

    • for small sets or single coins, medals, tokens and banknotes

    • if you need financial capital urgently

Any drawbacks?
Poor optimization of your numismatic material. Please note that, according to French law, purchases of coins, tokens and medals are paid by bank checks or wire transfers only.

You will be asked to supply various documents:
    • your ID card, passport or driving license
    • your bank details


CGB Numismatics Paris offers three sales solutions to those who would like to consign their material with us:

    • fixed-price sales on one of our on-line shops (www.cgb.fr), making it possible to have your material published in a marked-price paper catalog. Minimum amount of each item: €150.00;

    • Internet Auctions: for numismatic collectibles of intermediate value. Sales duration: three weeks, on-line only (www.cgb.fr), with a Live closing (live bids placed on the closing day of the sale, starting at 2 pm). Minimum valuation of each item offered for sale: €250.00;

    • Live Auctions: online sales (on our website: www.cgb.fr) supported by a paper catalog. They spread over 4 weeks and close with a dynamic final phase of electronic bidding, i.e. the Live auction (live bids placed on the closing day of the sale starting at 2pm). These sales are exclusively for items valued at a minimum of €500. Coins, jetons and tokens are included in a specific catalog. Banknotes are gathered in another one.

After contacting one of our specialized experts, who will set the starting prices with you and give you a quote, you will receive a slip containing the agreed starting price and quote for each item, plus the commission rate and the reference number assigned by CGB Numismatics Paris.

You will be asked to supply various documents:

    • a valid ID document: ID card, passport, or driving license;

   • your bank details
Also think about gathering any information you may have about the items you want to sell: their origins, purchase dates, “pedigree”, any little stories, specialized classification, hardly-known bibliographical references, references from other sales that could help trace back their history, etc. When put to good use, all this information enables us to highlight your collectibles better and make them more attractive. Help us as much as you can to make the buyer share your knowledge of your coin’s special story and features. Our role is to supply as much information as possible on the item in order to optimize its sale.



Why consign with CGB Numismatics Paris?




An experienced auction house


  • A team of over 20 people dedicated to numismatics.
  • The leading auction house in the organization of Live Auctions (8 Live Auctions per year – 4 Coins Live Auctions and 4 Banknotes Live Auctions).
  • Since 1988, we have published more than 400 fixed-price Coins and Banknotes Live Auction catalogs (formerly called bid sales or VSO, i.e., Ventes sur Offres).
  • Your coins, medals, tokens, jetons, and banknotes are inserted in one of the catalogs we print and send every year to customers in France and all around the world. In total, more than 50,000 catalogs are printed and sent every year.
  • Get tailored advice from professional, renowned numismatists.
  • Benefit from a dynamic and tailored sales system
  • We also specialize in publishing numismatic reference books  (Le Franc, Les Monnaies romaines, Les Monnaies royales, Les Billets de la Banque de Law, Les Billets des Chambres de Commerce, etc.).
  • Your coins are showcased thanks to professional pictures taken by our in-house graphic designers.
  • An individual report card is drawn up on every item deposited, including a precise description of its type and technical features, some comments on its condition, a description of your coin/banknote’s obverse/reverse or face/back plus a short excerpt on its historical background.
  • Resellers are certified by the three leading certification and grading companies: PCGS, NGC and PMG. CGB Numismatics Paris may have your coins, medals, tokens and banknotes certified for you.



Optimal exposure of your collectibles put up for sale



  • Multiple sales mediums are offered for all kinds of items and/or complete collections, from common coins, medals, jetons, tokens, or banknotes (e-shops) to high-value lots (Internet Auction and Live Auction)
  • Online sales (weekly e-auctions, Internet Auction and Live Auction) include international auction platforms: Numisbid, Sixbid, Bidinside
  • We highlight your collectibles on our website (www.cgb.fr) and in the daily newsletters we send to the community of collectors (mailing lists)
  • We offer your collectibles an optimal and ongoing exposure online to more than 12 000 visitors 24h-7d on all CGB Numismatics Paris’ websites.
  • Have access to a worldwide group of collectors: The cgb.fr website is accessible in 7 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese), fixed-price catalogs and Live Auction sales are translated into English, and CGB Numismatics Paris is present at the leading international coin shows and conventions (Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Maastricht, Moscow, Munich, New York, Paris, Tokyo, etc.)
  • We offer overexposure on sales platforms such as Ma-Shop, Numisbid, Sixbid, Bidinside, etc., at no additional cost.
  • Coins, banknotes, jetons, tokens and medals may be consulted for an unlimited period in the CGB Numismatics Paris’ archives and on sales listing sites such as AcSearch.



Customized and secure management



  • A department dedicated to the management and follow-up of consigners
  • Payment of your consigned collectables is safe and reliable – by check or transfer payable at the end of the month after payment of the lot sold is received.
  • A suspense account may be opened for you to make purchases from our online shops or, in our Internet or Live Auction sales with your consignments.
  • No fees requested when your collectable is put up for sale. Fees are charged on the actual price only when the item is sold. 
  • Withdrawal is possible six months after the consignment date without fees for the consigner (for fixed-price sales in our online shops)


Sales Calendar

Die Münz-Auktionen

Die Banknoten Auktionen

Feel free to contact us for more details or additional information. A simple email to contact@cgb.fr is usually enough to answer your questions. You may also call us at +33 (0) 1 40 26 42 97 from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am-6:00 pm. Furthermore, we can meet with you privately in our secured offices at 36 rue Vivienne (2e arrondissement, M° Bourse or Grands Boulevards, lines 3, 8, and 9 – Parking Vincit 20 meters away) Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm non-stop.
A CGB Numismatics Paris staff member will always be present to provide you with information and advice.




« Remember that the definition of market is the meeting of sellers and buyers based on mutual respect and enjoyment for EVERYONE. ».



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