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lb74 - Les Billets d'Urgence de 1940 HÉNON Yann-Noël

Les Billets d Urgence de 1940 HÉNON Yann-Noël
35.00 €
In den WarenkorbIn den Warenkorb
Autor : HÉNON Yann-Noël
Verleger : CGB
Sprache : Français
Beschreibung : Paris 2018, broché, (16,5 x 24 cm), 320 pages, illustrations en couleur, cotes en Euro
Gewicht : 662 g.


In the spring of 1940, several million people as well as the state administrations fled from the lightning fast attack of the German armies. Nevertheless, some local officials courageously remained in place, and decided to issue bills or emergency notes, in order to maintain the regional economic activity. In this book you will discover the result of several years of research and collecting of these “emergency notes” issued between May and July 1940.
34 types are identified, resulting in a total of 118 references to collect. The notes are
arranged by city and alphabetically. The front and back of each note is illustrated in color and accompanied by a descriptive text presenting the context, date of issue, quantities, detailed information on past sales and the quotes in 5 grades. At the end of the book, 10 more types not yet found are revealed, as well as 9 other projected, but aborted issues.
This first edition, very precise and the most complete possible, will undoubtedly become a reference. Hopefully it will attract the attention of new collectors to these bills and notes, which will forever remain the visual witnesses of this dark time of the history of France.

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