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ls71 - Du statère au sesterce. Monnaie et romanisation dans la Gaule du Nord MARTIN Stéphane

Du statère au sesterce. Monnaie et romanisation dans la Gaule du Nord MARTIN Stéphane
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Preis : 25.00 €
Autor : MARTIN Stéphane
Verleger : Ausonius Éditions
Sprache : Français
Beschreibung : Bordeaux 2015, broché, (17 x 24 cm), 488 pages
Gewicht : 800 g.


Although one of the most remarkable outcomes of the conquest of Gaul was the transition from Gallic to Roman coinage, no detailed study has yet been devoted to this topic. Based on more than a hundred maps and graphs, drawing extensively not only on numismatic data, but also on archaeological, literary and epigraphic sources, this book offers a joint analysis of the monetisation and Romanisation of Northern and Eastern Gaul. Set in its economic, political and social context, coinage guides us through the processes that led to the integration of the Three Gauls in the Roman world: from the emergence of a monetary economy with the first indigenous coins in the 3rd c. B.C., to the treaties between Rome and Gallic peoples in the 2nd c. B.C., and finally to the Caesarean conquest and the Augustan municipalisation that ultimately led to the end of locally-produced coinage and its complete disappearance by the mid-1st c. A.D.
The book is written in French, with an extensive summary in English.

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