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lc65 - Coinage in the Celtic World NASH D.

Coinage in the Celtic World NASH D.
30.00 €
In den WarenkorbIn den Warenkorb
Autor : NASH D.
Verleger : Spink and Son Ltd
Sprache : anglais
Beschreibung : Londres 2004 (1987), broché, (14 x 21,5 cm), 154 p. + 24 pl. n&b, cartes et index.
Gewicht : 342 g.


The ancient Celtic world reached its zenith in the second century BC when it stretched from Ireland to Galatia and from central Europe to northern Italy and parts of Spain. From the 6th century BC until the early 1st century AD the Celts were among the most important neighbours of the expanding Mediterranean states and empires; this book takes a fresh look at the complex relationship of the two worlds and provides a comprehensive historical background to Celtic coinage. This is an invaluable and fascinating survey of one of the most interesting and little-known ancient societies..

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